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Return of the naturist: Why liking your body shouldn’t be a crime
Danish artist has been battling Copenhagen’s authorities in order to show her larger-than-life naked depictions

Getting her work displayed in central Copenhagen has been no easy feat for Mathilde Grafström. For years, she has been fighting censorship and criticism from the public and the police. Grafström is persistent in her mission to improve body acceptance and promote education regarding the female body.

Too prude to go nude?
Too prude to go nude? Mathilde Grafstrom

Her March exhibition ‘Female Beauty – Celebration of the Feminine’, which will be on show in Nytorv square until March 31, is a larger-than-life, eye-catching display of completely nude female models posing in natural surroundings. “Danish people have an image of being very free and very relaxed, and it might be that we are compared to other countries,” she explained to CPH Post. “But in general, loving and showing the body [here] is very looked down on these days; you are being judged a lot if you enjoy or like your body. This is a negative trend amongst young girls.”

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Source: The Copenhagen Post

Original publication March 30th, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 4th April 2019

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