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Rethinking Strategies When Encountering Others

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Rethinking Strategies When Encountering Others

Jbee and DF choose naturism and nudity. We feel free and natural, healthy, and wholesome. We are more aware, more in the moment, more spiritually free, when we are naked. We don’t wear clothing, unless we feel the need. We go nude, whenever that is possible. It is fun, cooler in the heat and altogether positive.

“Have a great day!”
“Have a great day!”

We are liberated and free to be nude in our domestic lives and in some social settings where we can be casually nude among friends. We do what we can to live in liberation. Above all, we love the naturism of camping and hiking. We seek remote places to explore with our bodies, mindfulness, and meditations. We experiment with the wonderment of our natural world, its relationship with our own nature and our spiritual consciousness. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Free Range Naturist

4th November 2017

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