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Reflections on naturism and religion

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This is one of those topics that we have been trying to avoid during all those years of blogs. The combination of naturism or nudism and religion. The reason for this is that it is such a difficult issue to take a stand. There is no right or wrong. There is no evidence to trust. It is only about ideas, beliefs and opinions. And it can be seen from so many different angles. Is it possible that naturism and religion go hand in hand? Or does one automatically exclude the other? And who decides on that? The naturists? Christians, Muslims or Buddhists? God?

Reflections on naturism and religion

We have to underline that there is a very important word in the title of this blog post: “Musings”. What you will read here are nothing more than reflections. Thoughts and ideas. Do not wait for the definitive proof that naturism and religion go together. Or just not. You will not find it here. But we believe it is an interesting topic on which the muse. Maybe this blog could even help you on your spiritual path in the search for the right answers.

The idea of ​​writing this post existed for quite some time, but recently it was triggered by a discussion that began in our blog post about the biggest fears of starting nudists. In short, Andrew (a long-time Naked Wanderings follower) had seen “the light” and turned against us. Tell our other readers not to listen to our “false teachings” because God does not want anyone to be a nudist.

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Original publication 23 October, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 7th November 2019

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