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Skinny Dipping?

Normally all of these tales are based on personal memory, but this one is hearsay. However, the source is one of my oldest and dearest friends and I would trust my life to his recollection above almost any other, in what is, fortunately, becoming a long life with many, many friends and acquaintances.

This tale originates in Western Pennsylvania, where I grew up, and involves three of my best friends and an unknown young woman that were enjoying a wonderful Pennsylvania summer participating in a very popular activity. This likely happened about 1961, and it was then fashionable for young people to enjoy nice cooling swims in the Ohio River at a favorite place, one I enjoyed many times when I was home. At the Neville Island Park there was a long rope swing that allowed the swingers to fly out over the river and splash into the deep, cool water. Normally the park was open from about noon to near sunset.

Now in 1957 I departed to pursue an education and I was never home again in summer due to various jobs which kept me away. However, my friend Nick and his now wife, Linda along with another old friend, Paul and his girlfriend kept up the tradition and continued to make the 20 mile drive to enjoy the swimming at Neville Island Park. I learned of this escapade at a 50 year class reunion in 2007.

On a hot sultry summer night, when the idea was hatched, prompted mostly by Paul, to sneak into the Neville Island swimming area about 11 p.m. and go “swimming in the dark!” Now 50 years later, Nick couldn’t remember if the plan was to do a co-ed “Skinny Dip” or whether it was just to be an unplanned swimming in full clothes or partially clad, but Linda remembers that they didn’t bring swimsuits! Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Clearwater Tribune

22nd October 2017

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