why nude is better for social activities with friends

Reasons why nude is better for social activities with friends


When it comes to social activities, like having dinner with friends or doing a pool party, nothing is better that sharing this time in the simplest clothing choice: nudity. Of course, until you become a naturist, seasoned or beginner, the simple idea of baring it all in front of friends and family may sound weird if not inappropriate.

However, for naturists, the only idea not to be naked is the one that is weird, not only because nudity is entirely natural but because you feel immensely better when naked.

Nudity is a complete natural state and there’s nothing to be ashamed of by being nude alone and with others. There’s nothing sexual too. Unfortunately, our modern society has equaled the fact of being nude to being ready to have sex. This is just completely wrong for a naturist. Being nude is just being nude, nothing else. A naturist is nude because he loves the freedom it provides, because she loves to feel the sun and the wind on her naked body, and because she’s comfortable with her own body.

So once you’ve created a separation between sex and nudity, you can get pass beyond the shame of being nude. Nude, for a naturist, is not rude. Being nude is accepting ourselves, our own body with its flaws and imperfection. There’s no shame being a human being. Nobody’s perfect. Even the most beautiful human being, from a body’s perspective, has flaws. Perfection is an idea created by media and photoshoped images. Not that we should not take care of our own body and health, but the pursuit of perfection is a mirage. You have to love yourself and one of the best ways is to get naked in front of others. Your body confidence will skyrocket, and with it your all self-confidence.

When you get comfortable with the idea to become a naturist and get comfortable with your own body, comes the time to share this happiness with others. This is when you can join a naturist club and get naked socially. If you still doubt, here a seven reasons why nude is the best option when it comes to social activities with friends:

  1. Confidence. Although dressing nicely can boost confidence, it’s artificial. Yes, you can fake it until you become it, and it helps a lot, being naked is an entirely other level of self-confidence. Those testimonials explain why, as this article coming from Australia. Baring it all in front of others will show you we’re all alike, everybody has flaws and anybody can live happily with them, instead of chasing an ideal perfectionist image that makes our mindset unhappy.

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 22 January, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 4th February 2021

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