Stay naked on week-ends

Reasons to stay naked on week-ends


You may not be able to spend the working week in your birthday suit, but week-ends are the perfect moment to enjoy some nudity. Ideally, you can drop your clothes on the Friday evening and only wear something again on the Monday morning. Whether you are a committed nudist or not, yet, here are a set of reasons why spending a week-end entirely naked makes perfect sense.

You’ll save on washing

No clothes, no washing needed. In an era when we know we are throwing too many detergents and chemicals into the nature, it’s better to limit washing to the maximum. And that requires to have nothing to wash. Hence, nudism!

Beyond the savings you are going to realize on detergent and electricity, you will save on chores. No washing means no time spend on this activity. Nobody really likes house chores. So any good reason to avoid them is welcomed!

You’ll be more comfortable

Our skin is our most comfortable suit. It fits perfectly. Sure, it may need some fixing, but overall, it’s a great suit. Is there any inconvenience by wandering around naked? Well, very few. You will need more sunscreen if you go out and your neighbors need to be fine with you being naked in your garden. But beyond this, no negative side effect.

Once you get comfortable with your own nudity and have separated nudity from sexuality, nudity will become the most comfortable way of being. We know, if you are textile, this may be difficult to accept. There’s only way to become a nudist: by getting naked!

You’ll share more

Naturism is a social lifestyle! For textiles, this is just inconceivable. How can you be naked and have social interaction? This should be gross! Well, it’s actually quite the opposite. Once you get naked in a naturist settings, a lot of things happen! And no, not in a sexual way!

One of the first things people are surprised about naturism is how naturists are nice. This is the first benefit we explained to textiles to have them discover naturism. Naturism is not about being naked alone, it’s being naked together, to feel this bonding that clothes tend to break.

You’ll be freer

Free to move around, free of clothes, free of norms and conventions. Nudity sends us back to earlier years and eras. Once you accept nudity is natural and normal, you embrace this feeling of freedom that comes along.

Freedom means different things for different people, but being naked will bring a level of freedom that will feel like breaking a barrier, an implicit rule of the society that clothes are necessary.

You’ll be happier

Nudity has very positive side effects, on the psychological and physical sides. It has been demonstrated that because nudism brings back a level of freedom and levity we lost over the years, it has very positive effect on our happiness.

New naturists are almost always surprised at how other nudists are friendly at a naturist resort. we believe this is because they are just more relaxed, happier and have less to hide.

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 22 January, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 2nd February 2021

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