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Quenching a Thirst

When I was a kid there was a citrus soda called Rondo. They had a commercial where a man would stumble out of the desert, in desperate need for a drink. But before he’d take the inevitable offering of water, first he’d ask for some plain, dry, potato chips. He wanted his thirst to be so extreme that when he drank some Rondo, it would be even that much better. Rondo – the thirst crusher.

Well Rondo is long since gone, but for me, as a youth and budding naturist, I had a thirst…..for nudity. While it’s a memory of a bygone era, but what young man didn’t have his stash of nudes — a few treasured well worn, dog eared photos of a nude, semi-nude, or bikini clad goddesses. Over the years I had accumulated my own collection that I had stumbled across — a photo of Bo Derek frolicking nude on a beach, a stolen page from my sisters vogue of a woman sunning nude by a pool, and a few others. Like so many others, they provided titilation and enjoyment in their own right.

But somewhat juxtaposed to the Playboyesque collection were a few other gems — a photo from a book catalog showing a cover of a book about Nudists featuring a nude woman and her child by a lake, a ripped page from a National Geographic showing two nude young men walking across the Savannah, and another magazine photo showing a nude pearl diver. While I’ll be the first to say I enjoyed my other collection beyond measure, this group was even more special. It was a glimpse into another world. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturist Thoughts

19th October 2017

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