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Pushing My Naked Comfort Zone


When COVID restrictions lifted enough for the safe travel to our favorite hot springs again – Jay and I quickly booked time off work and planned a Saturday to Tuesday adventure. We threw the invite out to a few of our friends, but with relative short notice and during the week – it was just the two of us. A perfect little romantic get away. This is our sixth time here – and this time I went in with the mindset of getting naked. I’ve written blog posts before about being “Naked for the Sake of Naked” (if I am smart I will remember to hyperlink this when I post…) – but this time I wanted to get naked – and push my own boundaries and comfort zone.

The self-reflection over being “Busted in the Buff” last week (this blog isn’t just a make sure you read my other blog posts, I swear!) had me thinking about expanding my own comfort being naked, and committing to my “so what” mentality. I really don’t want to reference a third blog post, but my “Time and Place” beliefs are always top of mind as well. We’ve seen the pools packed, and a lone female in her late 20’s be completely naked in the packed springs. Brave brave soul – and one day I hope I am confident enough with my body and my self to be able to pull that off – and I know my limits, and I knew this would not be my trip to try that. But maybe smaller groups and lead by example – or at least lead topless by example – we top of mind.

Rope swing
Credit Uncertain They installed a new swing over looking the four lower pools since our last visit.

We arrived Saturday shortly after lunch. The campsites were busy, but we’ve seen busier. We didn’t get our favourite spots, but we got our second favourite spot – still a win. We quickly set up camp – we are more inclined to “rough it” here because we spend so little time at our campsite that we don’t bother bringing all our “glamping” supplies. That being said – we did choose propane fire pit over traditional camp fire – which actually never got turned on because of the heat. Same principle – barely spend any time at the camp site, and we are in the midst of a head wave and worry about how dry the surrounding trees are. But I digress – we set up camp – packed snacks and drinks (water and ‘such’) and headed down to the springs. This was not my opportunity to take a stand. It was quite busy – kids, parents, couples, groups, etc. Nope, bathing suit is staying on. Jay – naked – but that’s nothing new. After a late dinner, we headed back down to the springs. We know not to even bother packing bathing suits once its dark, and I also realized this wouldn’t really help me push my naked comfort level.

Sunday morning – we woke up early – and had the springs to ourselves. I knew this was the perfect starting point to help push my naked comfort zone. Start off naked, and stay naked as long as I could as more and more people started. My previous day time record is about 4 people if memory serves, and its not like I had a magic number going into that morning at what my comfort level was going to max out at – and the demographic of who should up would obviously play an important role in how things played out. but was anxiously ready to start pushing comfort zone. We had a good 45 minute soak to ourselves before the first couple came down. They were indifferent, and so was I. It was obvious we were naked as I was sitting on a rock with my back to them – and carefree Jay also sitting on a rock giving me the play by play. They didn’t care, but also picked a spot a little bit further away. A moment later two couples, probably early 20’s came down – also indifferent – sat a little bit closer, but also indifferent. The upper springs were impossible to stand in for me – let alone soak in because of the heat. The lower water level in the springs (not the river…) made it A LOT hotter. So everyone was a lot closer than normal – making it a bit more awkward being naked, and small talk all but necessary. As we sat and chatted, at this point I was sitting in the pool with my bits covered, but chest exposed. This seems like small irrelevant details, but I speak to it because I am proud of my progress. I was nervous, I was anxious, I was doing it! There wasn’t much conversation, a discussion around ‘are you allowed to be naked’ came up, as it sounded like one of the guys in the group was curious and wanting to partake. Jay chimed in with the assist speaking to the discomfort of having the silt in your shorts (which is a thing – as you can tell by the awkward red marks on our bums in all the photos – its even worse when you have bathing suits on!) – but as far as I can tell they didn’t partake.

The advantage to testing your naked limits here, is if positioned correctly you can see the main entrance and have time to cover up should you feel the need. Disadvantage is there is a second less popular entrance that has a very scenic walk in. Well a group of 6 – what appeared to be two families each with a young child – took this route in – and I knew my limit and played with in it. Most likely day users whose car wouldn’t make it up the last stretch of road to the campsites. The dads got a view – but so what (look at my growth) – but Jay and I quickly shimmied into our bathing suits and soaked for a bit more before heading back up for a late lunch / early dinner.

As we went down after dinner, two notable events happened that evening. I wont forget either, for different reasons. One I will share at another time, as it goes against the progress and achievements I feel I accomplished that night and want to share today. As I have said many a time before – you don’t often get these springs to themselves – unless you are there between 1am and 6am in my experience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get naked. After dusk – anything goes. Sadly, this also refers to my other story I allude to above (called Sexualization of Social Nudity – so you can take a hint). But needless to say, nudity is rampant by those wanting to partake, and it is to be expected. But its usually about 50/50 split on clothed versus not, but as I said, no one cares, its dark. We bring tea lights down to set the mood, and allow some visibility down in the pools and to promote people not to use their damn headlamps to view around. As the pools started to fill with evening soakers, a lot more than I had expected for a weekday evening, a couple probably about our age (hard to tell – its dark, I had a few White Claw), asked if they could join us in our smaller pool. I didn’t even have “Pushing My Naked Comfort Zone” in mind because it was dark and as I mentioned, a little drunk, but we obviously invited them to soak. It was a little awkward form a COVID point of view, and a we were naked, they weren’t point of view. But we made it abundantly obvious (vocally, not so much visually), that that was the case as we invited them to join us.

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Original publication 5 July, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 2nd August 2021

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