"Two gentlemen wore bow ties (just bow ties) as the occasion was ‘afternoon tea’. Very civilised."

Public speaker and The English Cream Tea Company boss Jane Malyon gives a talk at a Bournemouth hotel to 180 naturists

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Jane Malyon, professional speaker and managing director of The English Cream Tea Company, based in White Roding, writes about her most surreal public speaking engagement to date…

When I’m not being the Chief Scone Gnome of The English Cream Tea Company, I travel around giving talks which are (hopefully) ‘edutaining’. Sometimes it will be for a small group such as a WI and sometimes it’s more of a keynote speech for hundreds at a conference-style event.

On Friday January 17 I was at Rhodes Arts Complex as compere for the Isabel Hospice and Friends Dress Agency fashion show evening, the brainchild of Mayor Cllr Norma Symonds. All great fun.

Jane Malyon with Pam Fraser at the Suncliff Hotel in Bournemouth
Jane Malyon with Pam Fraser at the Suncliff Hotel in Bournemouth

However, Saturday January 25 was a whole new experience: I was to travel to the Suncliff Hotel in Bournemouth to give a talk about afternoon tea to 180 naturists. That’s not naturalists, like David Bellamy, you understand – we’re talking about people who have no clothes on. Absolutely nothing. Well, what a revelation this all turned out to be!

I was invited by event organiser Mark Walsh, who is himself a British naturist, and he advised that my own clothing would be optional.

My speaker agent advised me that I’d only be able to use photos for my speaker website if I was wearing clothes, so I remained covered up throughout as there was indeed a photographer.

Perhaps if I’d stayed the whole weekend I’d have thrown caution to the wind – after all, there was a host of naked activities to try out, from water aerobics to yoga (though the thought of the downward dog pose did not appeal).

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Source: Bishop Stortford Independent

Original publication 4 February, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 11th March 2020

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