Naturists Pete and Sue Dangerfield at Studland Beach.

Pricey hotels near nudist beaches could pull your pants down


STAYING in a hotel close to a nudist beach costs a staggering amount more than the average room, according to the latest data.

Research by hotel booking platform, Hoo, has revealed that hotel room rates surrounding Britain’s nudist beaches cost 57 per-cent more than the UK average.

Hoo looked at the average room rate of hotels surrounding 41 of the best beaches to bare all in the UK. The research shows that when booking a seven week stay the cost of a hotel room per night came in at £115 on average, 57 per-cent more than the room rate of the average UK hotel (£73).

However, the cost of accommodation while letting it all hang free by the sea does come in considerably higher depending on which famous nudist coastal hotspot you opt for.

Lymington’s Taddiford Gap in Hampshire is the most expensive of the lot. On average, a hotel room close to this nudist beach comes in at £181 per night, 148 per-cent higher than the national average.

In neighbouring Dorset, Knoll Beach in Studland sits along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the UK and also provides the added freedom of leaving your swimsuit at home. However, a hotel close to the beach will set you back £175 per night, 140 per-cent more than the UK average.

Carolyn Bay in St Austell, Cornwall, also ranks within the top three, with the average hotel room rate sitting 128 per-cent above the national average at £167 per night.

In fact, Cornwall is home to a further three popular nudist beaches where surrounding hotels are all home to an average room rate more than double that of the UK average.

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Source: Daily Echo

Original publication 6 May, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 17th May 2021

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