Recommended for naturist use

Presentation of the FEN Nudist Image: Recommended Nudist Use


Gathered in an Extraordinary Assembly, the Naturist Associations integrated in the Spanish Federation of Naturism on January 24, 2021 we have approved an image and established a protocol for joint action with the Administrations in our desire to promote the values ​​of Nudism.

The position of the FEN, as is known to everyone, is to promote nudity in all bathing places, and especially on the beaches. Social nudity brings very positive values ​​to citizens, so it should be encouraged as one more option for bathing, even as the best, in all beaches, swimming pools, rivers and other natural environments. We are not going to repeat here all the benefits that this form of leisure brings. Suffice it to remember how good it is for children to see all kinds of bodies normally and how harmful it is, on the contrary, to limit this vision to commercial contexts of perfect bodies, or even worse to sexualized and often violent contexts.

Recommended for naturist use
FEN Recommended for naturist use

While we are approaching, with advances and setbacks, to the normalization and respectful coexistence of both forms of bathing and enjoying the natural surroundings, with or without clothes, we deem appropriate some positive discrimination actions, as pointed out by both the Ombudsman as various regional defenders consulted. It seems necessary that there are accessible and numerous places where the experience of a day at the beach in a mostly nudist environment is comfortable and safe. This experience makes the normalization of nudity and its gradual advance easier, an advance that, as we said, should be the objective of our Administrations, obliged to ensure the improvement of the mental and physical health of citizens.

That is why the FEN has decided to equip itself with an imagotype and a framework of actions to help municipalities that wish to promote the nudist use of one or more of their beaches to do so correctly. This correct way of promoting nudist use implies, on the one hand, not to contravene our legislation and, on the other, to safeguard the freedom of expression of our nudist values.

And it is necessary to make it clear once again that the town councils cannot declare a beach as nudist or as non-nudist, since all are free to use by all citizens, for their enjoyment with the clothes they consider appropriate, or without it. What they can do is recommend the enjoyment in nudity of certain environments, especially those of already established nudist use. And to do so while, in scrupulous monitoring of current legislation, always remember that the use of clothing on all beaches is optional, and that is expressly stated in both Municipal Ordinances and official posters.
To make it easier for Administrations to transmit these values ​​and this legal situation, we have created this logo in two versions that we present worldwide today. An image inseparable from the text RECOMMENDED USE NUDIST, and that in a future publication we will analyze in detail.

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Source: FEN – Spanish Federation of Naturism

Original publication 25 January, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 3rd February 2021

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