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Poster suggests nudists have been baring all at Hamsterley Forest beauty spot

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IF you go down to the woods today, you may be in for a surprise – because nudists may be enjoying a dale beauty spot.

Forestry officers have responded after a sign was spotted in Hamsterley Forest which appeared to have been put up by naturists in the car park near Blackling Hole – a well-known beauty spot and waterfall.
It read: “You may encounter naturists enjoying this area naked today. Simple public nudity is not illegal in England and Wales. To see the current guidelines for the police response to naturism and public nudity, visit…”

A web link and QR code was then provided.

Naked Truth
Naked Truth: The unauthorised sign at Hamsterley Forest

The sign, which was lam-inated, was photographed by a wildlife enthusiast.

The man said: “I just came across it by chance as it was very dark – it was lit up bright white with my head torch.”
Forestry England, which manages the beauty spot, said staff were not aware of nudists using the forest, adding that no complaints had been received. The spokesman added: “This is an unauthorised sign. We have not permitted any events.”

Asked what people should do if they see people naked in Hamsterley Forest, a spokesman said: “While respecting an individual’s right to freedom of expression if other visitors feel harassed, alarmed or distressed, they should consider calling the police.

“If a complaint was made to us and we saw the person, or people, we would consider asking them to get dressed or if the complaint was more serious report it to the police ourselves.”

Forestry England said there is no dedicated area for naturists in Hamsterley Forest.

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Source: Teesdale Mercury

Original publication 14 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 23rd July 2020

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