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Pokin Around: Reader’s story prompts my memory of swimming naked in high school P.E. class
Back in March, Darrell Hickman of Springfield told me a story. Or maybe it was a question, too.

I listened to Darrell, who is my age — 65 — and for some reason felt uncomfortable. It was the creepy feeling I get when a stranger tells me one of my personal secrets and I know I’ve never shared it in print.

Darrell had stirred a memory, not a secret.

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The pigs of Pig Beach swim out to the tour boats for first pick of the treats. A boat ride from Grand Exuma, north, is a boat ride worth taking. Between Pig Beach, feeding the iguanas, swimming with turtles, diving the turquoise waters, stopping on a sandbar when the tide is low, and finishing with a swim with nurse sharks, you won’t want to leave. Andrea Melendez/The News-Press USA TODAY NETWORK-Florida, The News-Press USA TODAY NETWORK-Florida

He said that when he was a boy, he swam naked with the other boys in an indoor pool at the Springfield Boys Club at 1300 Boonville Ave. The building is gone.

“They had an indoor heated pool and boys swam naked there for decades,” he told me.

“The boys swam naked, but the girls wore suits,” he said. “The Girls Club used to be at the northwest corner of Fremont and Division. But they didn’t have a pool there. So the girls swam at the Boys Club.”

Looking back, he wonders … Why?

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Source: Springfield Leader

Original publication Jun 2, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 6th June 2019

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