Plymouth Sun Club

Plymouth Sun Club

This is not a ‘landed club’  – it doesn’t have its own premises. Instead it holds events at local pools, members’ homes, naturist centres and clothing optional beaches in the south west of England.

As Plymouth Sun Club is a ‘non-landed’ club group contact and communication is done predominantly via email and details are available on the club’s website.

The club is extremely active and holds monthly swimming sessions, which take place at Plympton Swimming Pool just outside Plymouth from 8pm until 9pm.

From time to time, the Club organises social events for the benefit of all naturists in the surrounding area, such as visits to local naturist venues including Acorns in North Devon and Carbeil in Cornwall and other naturist venues around the South West.

Some of the events are hosted by individual members. These are often hosted in members’ own homes, and tend to be more ad hoc in nature. To date, several events have been organised, including garden barbecues, beer and pizza evenings, and DVD nights. Members are always looking for more excuses to socialise.




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