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Photo series captures naked bodies in all their glory to challenge the idea of being ‘normal’
Seriously, screw the pressure to be ‘normal’.

It’s all made up, anyway. Beauty standards are fleeting, arbitrary, and often impossible to reach.

And besides, if we were all ‘normal’, it’d be pretty boring. Our wonderfulness is in our difference.

That’s the message 22-year-old artist Francesc Planes hopes to explore in his photo series, The Normality Project.

Tess was called a ‘fatty’.
Tess was called a ‘fatty’. FRANCESC PLANES / CATERS NEWS

Francesc photographed people who have been bullied for the things that make them different – from a prosthetic eye to their weight – but have learned to embrace and love their bodies. He asked these people to strip naked for a joyful photoshoot that celebrates the things that aren’t ‘normal’, but are glorious anyway. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Metro

9th November 2017

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