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Petaluma’s Past: When D-Day dawned and nudists descended in 1944
“Nudes is nudes, whether it be good nudes or bad nudes!”

On June 6, 1944, 11,000 planes, 4,000 ships, thousands of smaller craft and 250,000 men invaded the shores of Normandy in northwest France, just 120 miles from German-occupied Paris. This incredi-ble event was to become forever known as “D-Day,” and it was to mark the beginning of the end to World War II in Europe.

The Normandy Invasion.
The Normandy Invasion.

History’s greatest armada had begun crossing the turbulent English Channel at midnight, in a driving rainsquall. Consisting mostly of American, British and Canadian forces, 4,400 of them were to perish as the troops beat down the Nazi coastal defenses. The following day, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced that several strategic bridges had already been captured. But, the news wasn‘t all about war, that summer of ‘44.

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Source: Argus Courier

Original publication April 19, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 25th April 2019

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