People wore a lot of body paint
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People cycled through Cardiff with no clothes for the World Naked Bike Ride


The World Naked Bike Ride returned to Cardiff on Sunday [25 July, 2021] and the streets were full of cyclists wearing very few clothes – if any at all.

The ride is part of a global protest designed to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists against traffic in cities.

According to organisers, its aim is to create an awareness and to point out the inadequate provision for safe cycling and an over reliance on cars in our city centres.

A bit of body painting
Mark Lewis Some people went all out on the body paint / Mark Lewis

The route started at Cardiff University’s lawns on Museum Avenue at 2.30pm on Sunday (July 25) and went through the Civic Centre, City Centre, Cardiff Bay, St Mary Street, Pontcana and Canton before finishing at the university.

Gathering cyclists
Mark Lewis Cyclists gathered ahead of the ride taking place / Mark Lewis

Many cyclists braved the route completely naked while others were partially covered up. Most cyclists used bodypaint and decorated their bikes with posters and other accessories.

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Source: WalesOnline

Original publication 25 July, 2021

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