People across the UK won't be wearing clothes on Saturday

People across the UK won’t be wearing clothes on Saturday

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The event will raise money for a good cause

People across the country are being encouraged to strip naked on Saturday for the Great British Take Off 2020.

It comes amid reports that people stuck at home in lockdown are often deciding to wear few – or no – clothes and British Naturism reporting a 100 per cent increase in membership.

And the event will raise money for a good cause.

People across the UK won't be wearing clothes on Saturday

The event is an initiative from British Naturism (BN), the UK’s organisation for naturists and naturist places, which will see people all around the country stripping down to nothing to ‘enjoy the liberated and exhilarating feeling that comes from being naked in the fresh air and sunshine’.

According to BN anecdotal evidence suggests that during the lockdown, people around the UK are dressing less, if at all, looking for things to do and keen to throw out the rule book and try new things.

The restrictions mean that people will be participating in the event at home and, according to BN, it’s perfectly legal to do so.

BN says you can tell your neighbours, but there is no need to warn them even if you are overlooked. So long as you are not revealing yourself with the intention of upsetting people.

The event is supporting British Heart Foundation in 2020 and you can be sponsored to ‘Take Off’ or make a donation.

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Source: WalesOnline

Original publication 11 May, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 15th May 2020

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