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Our first naked pilates class

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Our first naked pilates class

We are promoters of the naked lifestyle, all of you who have visited this website before already know that. And we think that getting naked and enjoying nudity has a lot to do with getting out of your comfort zone, especially in the beginning. It’s often pretty difficult to explain to someone how comfortable your non-comfort zone can actually be. Getting out of it is sometimes a bit difficult and does require a certain amount of guts. Guts to take the first step, guts to give it a try, guts to drop your pants, guts to sign up for a naked Pilates class.

When we were staying at Vassaliki Naturist Club in Greece we had the opportunity to have Pilates classes in the morning. Lins started jumping around the room from excitement when she read the news, she had taken (clothed) Pilates classes before and loves it. Nick on the other hand… well… he’s already happy when he can touch his knees when he bends over. But we are naturist bloggers, we like to try new things and when we see an opportunity, we have to take it with both hands.

Is the naked part really an advantage?

On the info sheet in our room it said that, even though we were in a naturist resort, it was not obligatory to follow the Pilates classes naked. But we figured that we are nudists, we are at a nudist place, we are allowed to be naked and most of all, there would have been no way that Nick would have joined if it had been clothed. So there we were, on a sunny Monday morning at 8am next to the swimming pool. Five naked people, including the instructor, ready to have some exercise. Cont…Read full original article…

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31 August, 2017, 5:40 pm

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