Naturists Pete and Sue Dangerfield at Studland Beach.

Opinion: Rab McNeil: Bottom line – no nudes is good nudes

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A dressing-down for undressing

I WILL be quite candid with you here and confess that I have no inclination to take off all my claes and waddle aboot with a whole load of other folk similarly starkers.

In public at all times, I never let my dangleberries dangle. Nor yet do I yearn to feel a stiff breeze around my Cairngorms. But it seems there are those with no such qualms, folk who traipse hither and also yon, letting it all hang out.

Naturists Pete and Sue Dangerfield at Studland Beach.
Hattie Miles Naturists Pete and Sue Dangerfield at Studland Beach.

According to the latest intelligence, the number of folk joining British Naturism, the nudie body representing nudie bodies, has risen by 100 per cent since the coronavirus lockdown began.

With their brains boiling in the recent hot weather, normally upright ratepayers have apparently taken to stoating aboot their gardens in the scud, and have now acquired a taste for the peculiar practice.

In a discombobulating development, there’s even to be a World Naked Gardening Day on May 2. You just have to hope they’ll be careful with their secateurs when approaching folk’s sprinklers.

The new development has caused alarm among influential sectors of British society. In an editorial, the Daily Star newspaper thundered: “Blimey. What is this reserved country coming to?”

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Source: The Herald

Original publication 27 April, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 25th May 2020

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