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Ontario woman fights for right to swim topless

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Ontario Woman Fights For Right To Swim Topless

It was 26 years ago that Gwen Jacob was charged with committing an indecent act for taking off her top on a hot summer day. Her case made history when the court overturned her conviction, seeming to clear the way for women to go as, she says, “top-free.”

But a new human rights battle in Ontario reveals just how controversial women taking off their shirts in public continue to be.

Women march at the first ‘Top Free Run’ in Kingston, Ont., on July 19, in celebration of a woman’s right to bare her breasts. The event commemorated the 26th anniversary of the day when Gwen Jacob took her shirt off on a hot day in Guelph, Ont. — and was charged with indecency. Hannah Yoon/Canadian Press

Filing her case with the Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal in February, a woman says she was told she would not be allowed to swim topless at various public pools — including at hotels, at a water park near Ottawa, and a pool in Cornwall. Read full original article…

Source: CBC Radio

1 August, 2017, 1:00 pm

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