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One Woman’s Stripped-Down Portraits Reveal A Complex Road To Self-Love
“Talking about being fat makes people really uncomfortable.”

“Two out of three of my friends have body image issues,” photographer Caroline Fahey told HuffPost. “Most girls I know do.”

In her series “Silver Lining,” the 22-year-old photographer unravels her own complicated relationship with her body in front of the camera. Her self-portraits, captured in bedrooms and bathrooms, backyards and hotel rooms, reject an oversimplified idea of body positivity ― one that implies a hashtag here or a selfie there can yield unremitting self love. Rather, Fahey invites viewers to revel in her moments of confidence, self-loathing and ambiguity, privileging not one above the others.

Photographer Caroline Fahey has documented her self-love journey.
Photographer Caroline Fahey has documented her self-love journey. Caroline Fahey

In one image, Fahey looks out at the viewer from the shower, the clouded-over glass obscuring the edges of her form. A small area of the door smudged clean reveals an egg-shaped sliver of flesh, a fog-framed abstraction that hardly resembles a human form. In another, Fahey bathes in an outdoor shower, while drops of water ricochet off her bathing-suit-clad form. She is Boticelli’s “Venus” in a bikini, both nonchalant and sensual as she gazes off-camera. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Huffington Post

24 August, 2017, 7:10 pm

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