One woman's experience of a Cornish Veganuary

One woman’s experience of a Cornish Veganuary

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This month there has been a word that, when uttered, has sparked off a plethora of media attention, marketing and discussion.

No, not Brexit. Veganuary.

One woman's experience of a Cornish Veganuary

Whether you love it or hate it, a bit like Marmite (which is animal-product free), you cannot deny people are becoming more aware of it.

Officials at Veganuary announced on their Facebook page earlier this month that more than 370,000 people have signed up to try living the Vegan lifestyle.

I too signed up. Who am I? No one in particular. Just a resident of Cornwall trying to do my bit to help climate change – but how easy is it being a vegan in West Cornwall?

Actually, so far, quite easy. In fact, there seems to be so much on offer I felt spoiled for choice.

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Source: This is the westcountry

Original publication 18 January, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 13th February 2020

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