Nudefest includes a wide range of activities for people to enjoy

Nudity festival offering ‘wholesome family fun’ to take place near Bristol

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Nudefest, the UK’s biggest naturist festival, was initially due to take place in July

The UK’s biggest naturist festival takes place near Bristol in September.

Nudefest 2020 was initially due to take place at Thorney Lakes Caravan Park, Somerset in July but has been pushed back due to Covid-19.

Nudefest is due to take place in September
Nudefest is due to take place in September

The week-long event will feature a jam-packed programme of activities, live entertainment, fitness and a few days out to nearby beauty spots for nudists who want to do indulge in a spot of exploring.

Organisers state the festival is not “some weird seedy place” but is instead about having “wholesome family fun,” with a “zero tolerance rule for any funny business” in the FAQ section of the Nudefest website.

A highlight of the annual event, which is due to celebrate its fifth anniversary this year, is the Saturday morning race, with more than 50 starkers runners going head to head on 5k and 10k routes.

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Source: BristolLive

Original publication 17 June, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 7th July 2020

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  1. Being naked is by far the best way to run. No hampering clothes uo get sweaty and with the wind and fresh air on your body you get a great sense of freedom. If you have not tried it then do so!

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