People crowd the beach at the Baltic Sea in Binz, Germany.
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Nudists swelter in sizzling heatwave

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Public nudists have come under fire in Germany as Europe sizzles in temperatures of up to 45C in the heatwave dubbed the “Sahara bubble”.

In Brandenburg, police posted two pictures of a man riding a moped naked and called for captions of the images.

“Because we’re speechless,” said police, adding the hashtags #heat, #safetyfirst and #livingontheedge.

As contributions and queries poured in over whether the man flouted any rules, police clarified that it was not illegal to go around nude in public, but only so long as no one files a complaint.

In Germany’s south, topless female sunbathers sparked a row after five fully clad security men walked over to tell them to put their bikini tops back on, Sueddeutsche daily reported.

Several other sunbathers nearby stood up for the women, and one told the newspaper: “We took off our bikinis out of solidarity.”

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Source: New Zealand Herald

Original publication 27 Jun, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 30th June 2019

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