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Nudists defend ‘wholesome, family way of life’ after complaints over naked sunbathing

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As reported in the Daily Echo, nudists have been politely asked by council officials to keep their clothes on at Hengistbury Head – although the practice isn’t officially covered within local bylaws for the area.

This means that naturists do visit the beach on occasion. Read full original article…

Source: Daily Echo

18 July, 2017, 3:30 pm

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  1. From being one who was wrongly photo`d at a later date as being the `offending` naturist who had altercation with his accuser of him breaking the law by being naked (it would seem there was a problem with publishing the photo of `Mr Right`) I first would point out that `the full breaking story` as such was published by The Echo on 11 July while you feature the BN riposte of 18 July.
    As said the local Cllrs questioned confirmed lack of legislation left them no alterative to issue a plea for `no nudity` (on behalf of the likes of he who clearly revels in its description ( as the first news article put into print). Otherwise I can confirm that my nevertheless continued presence thereabouts when suitable weather is in play has caused more smiles than apparent riles . So, roll-on you wannabee naturists, its free, legal and very invigorating – but don`t expect a Red Carpet like it seems many do!

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