Stuart Haywood 'out' and about in Bretby

Nudist pensioner questions whether he’s really naked if he wears face mask

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Stuart Haywood did not become a nudist until he was in his 70s

An 83-year-old nudist from Midway has questioned whether wearing a face mask will mean he is technically still naked.

“If I’m obliged to wear a face mask, will I technically not be a nudist?”

Stuart Haywood

Stuart Haywood, who has been stripping off for 10 years and takes regular breaks at naturist camps, is planning to visit a hotspot in Lincolnshire as it reopens.

Stuart Haywood 'out' and about in Bretby
Stuart Haywood Stuart Haywood ‘out’ and about in Bretby

However, while new Government guidelines advise the public to wear face masks while out and about to combat coronavirus, Mr Haywood said, while he will adhere to the rule, it may mean he will not technically be in the nude.

He said: “I plan to visit Lakeside Farm naturist park at the first opportunity.

“If I’m obliged to wear a face mask, will I technically not be a nudist?

“When I was about 50 I’d not go out without a shirt as I had no body confidence. I’m still the same, but now when I remove all my clothes I’m a different person.”

Stuart Haywood

“If I’m not, perhaps I could do my shopping in Burton wearing only a face mask?

“I have a mask. Some people say I really need one – I’ve never looked so good.

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Source: DerbyshireLive

Original publication 17 June, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 6th July 2020

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