The 70-year-old takes photographs with her husband

Nudist gran, 70, earns a fortune by selling naked pictures online

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The woman known as Nudist Hottie, 70, has dished the dirt on her career where she sells naked pictures. The gran earns a good salary from IsMyGirl where she poses naked

A gran earns an absolute fortune from selling naked photos of herself online.

The 70-year-old, known as Nudist Hottie online, is happily married since meeting her photographer husband at university.

She has been stripping off for saucy pictures since her days as a student and claims to “absolutely love naked modelling”.

The Nudist Hottie earns a fortune from selling naked pictures
Nudist Hottie The Nudist Hottie earns a fortune from selling naked pictures

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, the Nudist Hottie said: “The human body is a work of art.

“That’s why since the time of cave dwellers, nudes have been drawn by artists.”

The bombshell, from Palm Springs, California, sells her snaps on IsMyGirl where she receives plenty of requests from fans.

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Source: Daily Star

Original publication 15 March, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 15th April 2020

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