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Nudist Couple Says Pandemic Has Resulted In 300% Spike In British Naturism Membership

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A skinny-dipping couple who enjoyed lockdown doing everything from fishing to yoga and sipping cocktails in The Bare Arms virtual pub – entirely in the buff – told how the pandemic has boosted membership of British Naturism by 300 percent.

With the organization now boasting its highest numbers since 2014, enthusiastic members Donna and John Price say naturism is the next obvious step for people who are working from home and ditching their business suits for casual wear.

Donna, 55, of Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England, who discovered naturism with John, 70, when they stumbled across a naked beach during a holiday in New Zealand in 2010, said:

“Lockdown has given British Naturism a really fabulous opportunity.”

She continued:

“We’ve seen people go from dressing down to work from home to not wearing anything at all.”

“It is important that, if you are curious about naturism, you try it first in the comfort and privacy of your own home, so with so many of us spending all our time at home, we have seen a huge surge in interest.”

“The site currently has the highest membership since 2014 – and it’s still rising.”

Donna mowing the lawn in the nude
PA Real Life/J Price Donna mowing the lawn in the nude

Since first shedding their clothes on the New Zealand nudist beach a decade ago, the Prices have become such committed naturists that they even moved from Kent to their current home last year, as they wanted more privacy to strip off.

And, since restrictions were imposed to fight the pandemic, they have loved skinny-dipping together in the North Sea, taking part in naked yoga classes on Zoom, and raising a glass in their birthday suits at their virtual pub.

Recalling how her own love affair with nudity began, former office clerk Donna, a volunteer campaign coordinator with British Naturism, will never forget the day when she and John, a retired signaling tester, first enjoyed being liberated from their clothes.

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Source: Comic Sands

Original publication 2 October, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 22nd October 2020

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