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Nudist colony bares its way into the Commons

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Nudist colony bares its way into the Commons

A nudist colony was officially unveiled Friday in Commons 569. The colony, named Studiously Streaking, was founded with the intent of providing students with a safe space for optional clothing.

At the revealing, nudists from the community came out to show support for Capital’s first on-campus nudist organization along with representatives from the local chapter of the American Association for Nudist Exploration. “We are very excited to see the next generation of nudists showing some skin and taking some risks,” Bertha DeSoot, the Columbus chapter president of the AANE, said. “We’re hoping that the actions taken here today by Nick Edd and his group will help inspire students at other schools like Ohio State and Otterbein and help them realize there’s nothing wrong with stripping down to the basics.” The colony, which is accepting of any and all students, will remain in its designated Commons throughout the school year.

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Source: The Chimes

Original publication March 28, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 1st April 2019

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