Victoria enjoys going on nude hikes and doing household chores in the buff

Nudist bombarded with DMs – from fans’ marriage proposals to trolls calling her ‘sl*t’


A nudist thinks the naked human form shouldn’t be seen as something sexual – but this doesn’t stop disrespectful trolls from branding her a ‘sl*t’.

A female naturist has received plenty of marriage proposals from “enamoured” fans over the years.

Some have cruelly branded Victoria a 'sl*t' – but she doesn't let trolls hold her back
Credit Uncertain Some have cruelly branded Victoria a ‘sl*t’ – but she doesn’t let trolls hold her back | MDWfeatures/@thenaturalistgoddes)

But Victoria Vantage is swiped at by trolls too – with some hateful commenters branding her a “sl*t” for baring all.

The 29-year-old, from Columbus, Ohio, tries not to take these responses to heart.

She is an advocate for nudism and insists the natural body isn’t something that should be sexualised.

Victoria first started stripping off at a life drawing glass back in 2009, when she was at university.

She found it was incredibly liberating to be her naked self – and so her passion for naturism began.

The influencer and registered nurse said: “Being a nude model for a drawing class helped me to see myself.”

“In the time leading up to the interview for the position, I spent a fair amount of time practicing poses and looking at myself nude which later translated into me seeing myself become a piece of art.

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Source: Daily Star

Original publication 9 February, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 23rd February 2021

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