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Nudist beaches: precautions you should have if you go in summer


The beach is one of the quintessential places to visit during summer vacations, a fun activity that can be beneficial to health due to the physical exercise that can be done in the water and that favors the mobility of muscles and joints. “In addition, this exercise benefits the heart since in sea water the body weighs eight times less than outside, thus allowing a reduction in cardiac effort”, reminds CuídatePlus Cristina Villegas, head of Dermatology at the Sanitas La Moraleja University Hospital.

In this sense, summer vacations are a good time to try different experiences, such as visiting a nudist beach to be in contact with nature or simply for tourism. But what precautions should we take if we go to nude beaches? Without a doubt, the correct application of sunscreen is always essential if we are going to be totally exposed to the sun: “Sunscreen photo should always be used on the entire body surface exposed to the sun, including the breasts and genitals”, advises Villegas and continues : “The sunscreen in summer should have a sun protection index of 50 or more, spray applicators are very useful, having to renew the application every 3 or 4 hours, and more often if bathing in the sea”. Likewise, this dermatologist recommends protecting the head with caps or hats,

Another important point when going to nude beaches is the prevention of infections due to direct contact of the genitals with the sand and / or rocks. In these cases, Villegas opts for “the use of natural fiber mats or cotton towels to be able to sit or lie down comfortably on the sand.”

Nudist beaches
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Beware of mud baths (mud therapy)

One of the main attractions of nude beaches is the possibility of taking mud and / or clay baths, known as mud therapy for their properties for the skin. And, specifically, what are the benefits for the skin of these common baths on nude beaches? “The benefits of the Mar Menor mud baths have been known for many years, demonstrated by studies at the University of Murcia, which ensure that its sediments contain high amounts of minerals with important therapeutic effects. In the Dead Sea, the high concentration of salts in its waters also seems to have benefits for the skin, specifically, they refer to improvements in certain dermatoses such as psoriasis or some type of eczema ”, responds Villegas.

On the other hand, the head of Dermatology at the Sanitas La Moraleja University Hospital warns that mud baths are not suitable for everyone: “They are not recommended in case of skin ulcers or diseases that occur with blistering or erosive lesions, due to the risk of infection ”. In this regard, this expert stresses that if we visit a nudist beach and want to try mud therapy, we must always do it in areas with adequate hygienic conditions and avoid stagnant water spaces.

Benefits for the skin of visiting nude beaches

As Villegas pointed out previously, going to any type of beach is beneficial for health due to the possibility of physical activity and, in the case of nude beaches, taking advantage of the properties for the skin that the application of mud and clays.
Regarding the health benefits of bathing in a nude beach, as in any other, Villegas highlights the following properties of sea water:

Disinfects and improves skin wounds.

Thanks to its iodine content, it has a disinfectant effect and improves the appearance and condition of wounds.

Activates circulation. 

“The pressure of the water that is higher than that of the air facilitates the return venous circulation. It also improves circulation in the capillaries, favoring the elimination of toxins by stimulating the venous and lymphatic system ”, he details.

Humidification of the skin. 

Sea water favors the cleansing and hydration of the skin and, in addition, due to its high salinity, it improves different skin diseases such as acne.

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Source: ANAPA

Original publication 31 July, 2021

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