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Nudist beaches or nudist tradition beaches?

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There are currently three deep-seated issues of concern to governments across the globe, namely: the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the social and economic crisis caused by COVID-19, and whether the cartels of nude beaches may or may not include the word “tradition”. Since it is necessary to establish priorities and I cannot attend to all the concerns of our heads of state and government, I am going to focus on the issue that has generated the most media interest and most headlines from the Council of Trent back in the 16th century when the press was still written: the happy subject of the posters. Be careful, it is not a trivial matter (I always wanted to use this expression, it makes me the chichi pepsicola). And I’m serious (about the chichi).

I am going to make a brief summary for those who have disconnected the television in the last months and only use the internet to send memes and see adult things (that we know each other):

It turns out that the odd poster has been placed on beaches with a nudist tradition, that is, on those beaches where for years there have been people who are going to enjoy their free time as their mother brought them into the world. In general, there are nudist associations that have worked a lot (applause) to get local institutions to take this right to despotation seriously. These posters turn that unofficial tradition into something a little more official, because in large and beautiful letters (Arial 14, surely) they indicate: NUDIST BEACH . So far the account of the events in the most objective way possible, the crumb comes now, attention to the next paragraph because : hallucinate, neighbor!

A poster example
A poster example

What can you expect once a City Council has the audacity to listen to some sympathetic madmen united by statutes and puts up a sign with the indication of “NUDE BEACH” on one of the beaches within its jurisdiction? Well, complaints, obviously, these things do not like among good people. But oh, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, that Isabel Gemio would say in the nineties, the complaints do not come from the textile world, no, no … hold on to the males that come curvy, the complaints come from relevant people of the patriotic nudist activism. Oh, mother, what hangs on the father, that we have missed something: nudists against the work of other nudists!
     Do not worry that there are very solid arguments against these posters and I have also come here to make you a summary, that if you have to read everything that is written by social networks at point one, two, three … and even point number thousand seven hundred and forty- seven you get tired and you leave it in the middle, I know you, lazy.
     They say that in Spain it is legal to undress anywhere and so far we agree, fortunately being naked without doing anything “sinful” is not a crime in our advanced and modern country. The public scandal is a thing of the last century. Another question is the social sanction or even the bad time that the uninformed forces of order can make us go through (municipal ordinances apart). But, let’s be clear on this point: we can do it. This means that on any beach in our country (even off the beaches) we have the right to be naked without anyone being able to tell us anything, although we all know that they will tell us: see article .

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Source: Desnudízate

Original publication 16 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 8th August 2020

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