The exhibition of nudists in Belgium
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Nudist art show unveiled where naked visitors are asked to exhibit themselves


Nudists in Belgium will be able to compare their own bodies with other installations at the upcoming exhibition in Belgium. It will feature works that “amuse and disturb”

A bizarre art exhibition depicting a range of naked bodies is set to get under way – with nudists urged to get involved.

Design consultancy Tempora, based in Brussels, Belgium, will host the expo next week.

Supported by the Belgium nudist movement, it will feature 40 installations including a giant newborn baby – along with other “amusing” and “disturbing” exhibits.

It will feature 40 installations
Zharko Basheski, Ordinary Man It will feature 40 installations ranging from the ‘amusing’ to the ‘disturbing’ / Zharko Basheski, Ordinary Man

Nudists in the country can “come on a nude visit and compare your body with the sculptures”, The Times reports.

More than 1,000 are set to attend on Monday, August 30.

The exhibition website reads: “Hyperrealism is an artistic movement that appeared in the 1960s in the United States.

“Turning her back on abstraction and seeking to achieve a meticulous representation of nature to the point that viewers sometimes wonder if they are dealing with the living body, the hyperrealist artist creates a work that is sometimes amusing, sometimes disturbing.”

The exhibition has previously been held in Spain, Mexico, and Australia – and will be set in Brussels until November 7.

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Source: Daily Star

Original publication 23 August, 2021

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