Nudism transcends borders

Nudism transcends borders and knows no border limits for the whole world

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Nudism is a wonderful lifestyle. It deserves to be around for everyone in the whole world. After all, we are all human, and were born naked. Was anyone not born naked anyway?

Nudism deserves to not just be in isolated areas. Nudism makes the world go round. The beauty of nudism comes in making it more widespread and accepted.

We’re all human. Why is it that we humans may have weird and bad traits or habits of things like racism and naked shame? It does not happen in other species. Racism and body shame are senseless.

Negative influences have caused body freedom to not be enjoyed so much. I bet there are so many people who want to be nudists and try nudism, with simply being uninformed, misinformed and/or it’s not available for them in their area.

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As I have pointed out in previous blogs here, it doesn’t matter who we are, and nudism is for all of us. The only thing stopping us from nudism is our clothes. We can just remove our clothes and get comfortable being naked, and then we can be nudists.

Public nudity deserves to be legal everywhere. It’s just a body. We all know what the human body is like. We all share the human race. The human body is so pretty.

Let’s get positive influences for nudism now. We too can be positive influences for the lifestyle. Naked is beauty, not disgust.

I’ve pointed out before here that we should get a nudist revolution started to bring nudism to everyone in the world, for anyone who wishes to be a nudist and have it be around no matter where humans live.

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Original publication 12 October, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 23rd October 2020

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