The pleasure of getting back in touch with Nature

Nudism: the pleasure of getting back in touch with Nature


What is the meaning behind “not hiding “? what instinct drives a person to go to the beach ” as mom did it “?!

58% of men and 33% of women say they are ready to sunbathe without a bathing suit and 45% go on a nudist holiday. Rediscover contact with Nature. Return to the origins and show oneself without veils. Breaking down inhibitions, embarrassments and embarking on a new experience. A pinch of transgression. A pinch of exhibitionism. An infallible recipe for maximum freedom on many Italian beaches and beyond. Places where people of any age feel free to show themselves naked in the midst of others who share the same thought and conviction. An expanse of meat that covers not only the beaches but also the villages, yes because for those who want to experience a 360 degree naturist experience without veils even at the post office, the ideal destination is Cap d’Adge .

If you do not want to go abroad, to do so, we suggest the beach of Punta Le Morge in Torino di Sangro in the province of Chieti . This beach is managed by ANAB. which we thank for the archive images.

The beach of Punta Le Morge in the province of Chieti
Credit Uncertain The beach of Punta Le Morge in the province of Chieti

Nudism is a practice not to be confused with naturism, however . Naturism is a movement that promotes a more direct and less artificial contact of the human being with the natural environment. A physical, mental and psychological lifestyle. An all-round respect for Nature. The naturist sees nudity as respect for oneself and for others and which also favors respect for the environment. In the late 1920s in the United States of America, the German immigrant Kurt Barthel organized the first nudist event around New York where he founded the American League for Physical Culture. Subsequently, an important moment for Italian naturism was the creation in 1972 of the Italian naturist federation ( FENAIT) which still brings together most of the naturist associations in the area, and has an international dialogue with the International Naturist Federation.

Many boys and girls, adult couples and families practice nudism with spontaneity and naturalness. For children, growing up with this lack of malice is certainly beneficial, it promotes relationships without embarrassment considering nudity as normal and not exceptional. Usually undressing is embarrassing. The physical imperfections put under the eyes of all exposed to judgment. fear of being too fat, too thin, too much something for which the sarong reigns supreme at the sea. I think it is perhaps more feminine as a thought, man has fewer problems because between men the question is different, it is focused on a single aspect. Fixed that done all. Perhaps the nudist really teaches not to be ashamed of one’s defects, teaches not to judge because they are exposed to the opinion of others, teaches to be free and that’s it.

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Source: BL Mag

Original publication 5 March, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 4th May 2021

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