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Nudism/Naturism: Home alone?

A reader writes:

Dear Jillian,

It’s not a secret I’m very anxious to be socially nude, and I thought for a moment (after seeing a Twitter tweet saying “RT if you like to walk around naked at home”) how much of an exhibitionist I feel being naked at home, but only when the kids are not home. I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel like I’m doing something naughty by waiting for alone time to do what I enjoy. I wonder if it’s something you can discuss in an upcoming Naturist article.

– C

I would like readers here to chime in on this subject, because no doubt some of you experience this sort of thing.

Families swim at naturist camping spot Monts de Bussy, Haute-Vienne, France.
Alain Tanguay/Wikipedia Families swim at naturist camping spot Monts de Bussy, Haute-Vienne, France.

I’m guessing it must be difficult for all naturists who live with people who don’t accept naturism and nudity in the home outside of the bathroom and the bedroom.

Then there is the tricky issue of parents being naked around their children. Many parents teach their children about body acceptance and naturism, and whole families participate in public social nudism events at pools, beaches, campgrounds and the like. But it gets trickier, I think, when it comes to nudity in a home where children are present. There can be legal ramifications.

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Source: Jillian Page

Original publication 9 February, 2020

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