Nudism: Less stress and more self-esteem

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Less stress and more self-esteem, that’s what nudism offers, according to its dedicated followers. A whole philosophy of life, where the canons of beauty imposed by fashion and that helps, and much, to the self-acceptance of our own body lose validity

“Nudism is a philosophy, a mentality, one is always a nudist, practice it or not, because it is a way of thinking of the person about the human body. I think that everyone is a nudist since birth and then society imposes clothes on us and makes us think that there is something wrong in the body, but later some of us realize that this imposition is very negative and we overcome the barriers that we they have instilled into our anatomy. ”

Who speaks like this is Ismael Rodrigo, a graduate in Chemistry, a member of the board of the International Foundation for Human Rights and for 15 years president of the Spanish Federation of Naturism (FEN).

Born in 1963, he personally embraced this “philosophy” in ’98, but he does not “idealize” the movement of nudists or his followers, although he does consider that it adds something positive to people, makes them more communicative, allows them greater acceptance of the body:

“That is clear, we are people who have overcome a social scourge that is much more negative than people think. People do not realize how negative the compulsive use of the attire is when it is not necessary, because at many times it is, and it is also useful ”.

Clothing focuses on sexuality, and nudism causes the opposite: “normalizing nakedness reduces the sex market,” he defends.

It also considers that the most affected by the manipulation that is done around this issue are women, because they are required to have “the perfect nude, only at the right time, only for the satisfaction of man. … ”

For the president of the FEN , nudism has a lot to do with health, health is something integral and above all something psychological “and human beings are not healthy when we cannot see our body in a normal way … It is absurd to hide the human body in education and tell children from small that they dress and make the connection of the nude with something dirty. It is disastrous how these issues are treated… ”

As an example to follow, he refers to Norway, where in recent years since government institutions have proposed the recovery of naturism in a country, however, where they have always been “very normal against the naked, when they sunbathe, they they bathe, they are in the sauna… ”

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Source: EFE Salud

Original publication 23.02.2017

Posted on NatCorn 4th September 2019

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