Nudism is not immoral, even if you are an "old woman with flabby flesh"

Nudism is not immoral, even if you are an “old woman with flabby flesh”

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Nudism on beaches or other public places is often the focus of controversy, more than it should be when we are in the century we are in. However, even today there are people who not only do not understand it as something natural but do not respect it. The latest situation of this type has occurred in the Canary Islands these days, as El Mundo echoes today . The Federation of Leisure and Restaurants of the Canary Islands (Fecao) has criticized the decision of the San Bartolomé de Tirajana City Council to revoke the ordinance that prohibited naked bathing on the municipality’s beaches (such as the famous Maspalonas, San Agustín or El Inglés) due to that in Spain there is no legislation that supports the alleged restriction.

Thus, the spokesman for Fecao, Antonio Vélez, has made some more than striking statements through the statement that can be read here , beginning by describing the practice of nudism as “immoral”. It doesn’t stop there.

(…) this fact, walking around naked, also awakens our lowest emotions and tends to interfere with the righteous behavior of every man or woman, giving a second plane to rational thought (…)

Spokesman for Fecao, Antonio Vélez

Perhaps whoever writes the text feels how their lowest passions are awakened when seeing someone on a nude beach, but those who frequent them know that this is not the end of the practice of naturism. Whether on a beach, in the field or elsewhere, getting naked has nothing to do with sexuality, but with the feeling of freedom it gives , being in contact with nature or feeling good about yourself. Precisely the latter, collides with other of the words included in the text of Fecao.

This idea of ​​the beach councilor can be hilarious at first, but with the days the glamor and eroticism would disappear. The nude can be moral or immoral, depending on the plastic beauty of the woman or man and the art of their presentation. An old Man or Woman, with flabby flesh or voluminous masses, can never have any other nude than the gross and repulsive nude. Your presentation will inspire pity, mockery, or disgust.

Spokesman for Fecao, Antonio Vélez

And here we have run into ignorance. You don’t get naked on a beach to make a show of eroticism, and far from it, glamor. But as a form of expression in which he declares to be satisfied with himself, at ease with his body, free, devoid of prejudices for his own being. Undressing is, therefore, an act of acceptance , which has nothing to do with wanting to seduce the tourist who is sunbathing with two towels from one.

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Source: Diario del Viajero

Original publication 15 February, 2013

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