Nudism in the days of the USSR
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Nudism in the days of the USSR


The USSR is a “morality”. Despite this attitude towards unethical, shameless, nudism, for a long time, not just prospered, but was considered the norm of social behavior. However, strangely enough, but nudism was not imported from the West or the East, but was adopted by the Bolsheviks from representatives of Tsarist Russia. In particular, Nicholas II adhered to rather free morals. In 1992, the screens got a picture, consisting of numerous photographs of the imperial family in the nude. But, this is a slightly different story. In the meantime, let’s talk about the USSR.

The first propagandist of nudism, as spiritual openness, bodily and moral freedom, was Lenin. At what, even during his stay in Germany. When Lenin met the guests from Tsarist Russia, he always drove them to nudist lakes, where they could breathe real freedom. On the Social Democrats, this produced quite a big impression. They understood that in this form there is no class distinction between the ruler and the common man.

After Vladimir Ilyich returned to Russia, he decided to bring practice to the Russian society. He organized, in fact, the first nudist club. The place of gathering of the leadership of the entire higher proletarian society was the giving of Bonch-Bruevich. By the way, such prominent figures as Trotsky, Kamenev, Lunacharsky were exposed there … For this first nudist society in the USSR, Lenin himself wrote a charter.

Nudism in the days of the USSR
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Strangely enough, but the leader of female nudism was not Krupskaya, but Shura Kollontai. It was she who became the creator of the famous theory of “Glass of Water”. Yes, it turns out that the Bolsheviks were far from against such a manifestation of their sincerity and purity. They supported the movement and sought to spread it in society. S. Glezerov wrote down his impressions, where he pointed out that small groups of people began to be created rapidly, which roamed the cities and villages in nude form. At the same time, they freely visited theaters, concerts, went to public canteens to workers and so on. This community was called simply: “Down with shame.”

Mass exposition was somewhat cooled by Semashko. The health commissioner did not condemn nudism. He focused on the fact that Moscow is pretty cool, and the city is covered with clouds of dust and dirt, which affects the skin of people. He recommended going out in clothes. At the same time, he pointed out that it would be much more useful for the body and the whole organism to rest outside the city, near water bodies.

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