Donna Price has top tips for first time naturists

Nudism expert explains the dos and don’ts amid surge of first time naturists


Donna Price, from Scarborough, has been an avid naturist since she stumbled across a nudist beach in 2016 and encourages others to join in

A seasoned naturist has detailed the dos and don’ts of for first timers amid a boom in the clothes-free pastime.

In the past year British Naturism has gained 1,100 new members, a sharp rise believed to be driven by Brits ditching their togs during lockdown.

The society has claimed “social isolation has caused an explosion in naked living” and people have become used to less clothing and more relaxed outfits at home.

With the weather finally heating up, the chance to whip your kegs off and engage in some above-board socialising is finally upon us.

Donna Price is a veteran who runs the Women in Naturism Campaign for BN and works to bump the society’s proportion female members up from their current 30 per cent.

“My husband and I got into it by accident when we stumbled onto a nudist beach,” she told The Mirror.

“My husband hates wearing clothes and he wanted to try it. I love swimming, when I got into the water naked I loved it. That sold it for me.”

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Source: Daily Mirror

Original publication 10 June, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 13th June 2021

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