Nudism and the Punishment of Sisyphus

Nudism and the Punishment of Sisyphus

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Many of you will know the Greek myth of Sisyphus .

The gods had condemned Sisyphus to carry a heavy stone to the top of a mountain and when he was about to reach the top, the great rock would roll under its own weight towards the depths of the valley, so that he would have to return. to upload it. And this, he would have to repeat over and over again … for all eternity. They thought, with some foundation, that there is no more terrible punishment than hopeless and useless work …

Well, that’s how we feel sometimes.

For more achievements that we achieve, for more activities and actions that are proposed by the existing nudist associations in our country, no matter how much we advance each year, we see how our sandbanks continue to fill with swimsuits.

It gives the feeling that for each step taken, we go back three.

And this wears out. Because every August is like starting over.

Misunderstanding, perhaps the worst of them all, sometimes comes from within.

“This is full of textiles! It is getting worse! Is there not an association here that defends nudism? They do not do anything! I don’t come here anymore! ”.

The stone goes down even lower. The weight multiplies with each lapidary phrase poured from the immobility of a hammock.

Nudism and the Punishment of Sisyphus

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