nudism and sex

Nudism and sex. Yes! Let’s talk about nudism and sex!

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Nudism and sex. Yes! Let’s talk about nudism and sex!

Nudism and sex. Yep. We know. It’s a dangerous subject. A lot of (mostly) men out there Google the word ‘nudism’ and ‘sex’ and are looking for porn. They don’t realize that for all of the real nudists in the world this query imposes a real threat. Their need gives (unjust) ammunition for all those against this unclothed ‘hobby’. And if we nudists and naturists want to do something about that we ourselves really have to talk about nudism and sex.

Because it is also a symptom of the time we live in. Look at Instagram and advertising: a lot of sexiness is used to get our attention. Sex has been made very important. Mucho mas important. And we naturists feel this pressuring on the way we look at ourselves. It influences the way we communicate with the outside world. We tell them that sex doesn’t exist in our world. Nonsense of course. We can do it anytime we want. But not anywhere we want.

Nudism and sex

A lot of teenaged boys are inspired by the porn they find on the web. And girls are living up to that image and sometimes even use sex as a currency. That must worry us all! It becomes more and more difficult to look back and recognize that sex and nudity used to be a sincere and profound inspiration for writers, painters and musicians etc for centuries. But now it’s a suspicious subject.

Where has the natural phenomenon gone? What if our parents stopped having sex? Well, we would not have been here today. It is an important part of a relationship and it can be a wonderful and inspiring activity. It should be like that anyway.

Sex has become something that is omnipresent as a currency, but is ignored on an everyday level at the same time. And that is why the word ‘nudist’ can be used in one sentence with ‘sex’ and the majority of people don’t bother whether or not this is correct. And pornsites use their online marketing skills and budget to monetize on nudism and sex. And since it is very profitable: we will get overthrown by them.

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Posted on NatCorn 21st March 2020

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