Nude or Not Nude?

Nude or Not Nude?

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It’s another very windy day with the sun shining. The wind is out of the northwest meaning that it feels colder than what the thermometer tells me. Our morning walk will still happen, likely just before noon hour. Yesterday’s canning corn went relatively well with just a few bumps along the way. Today’s attempt should be smoother now that we know what we are doing. Four dozen corn done yesterday with another three dozen remaining for today.

Nude or Not Nude?

Yesterday, once I had finished taking the kernels off the cobs, I took some time to do some sunbathing in our backyard, something that I do when there isn’t enough time for a country free-hike activity and the weather is cooperative. While I was laying there, on my stomach, a neighbour appeared in my yard. Since she has seen me nude on many occasions in the past, I didn’t respond with covering up. She continued on to our house to speak with my wife. The same woman had appeared in my house the day before to get a few emails printed while I was preparing my breakfast, while I was at home alone. She got to see me full frontal as I made no effort to cover up my nudity and made no comment. It actually has been quite some time since she last saw me nude. Of course, it all makes me wonder. On one hand, I would think that my nudity was considered “normal,” however I do know that really isn’t the case.

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Source: Exposed and Vulnerable

Original publication 1 September, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 10th September 2020

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