A CNN news analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, unintentionally exposed himself in front of his co-workers during a zoom call.

Nude Extortion


Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I value privacy and online security. I wrote a few blog posts over the summer about it (I found a backup that I will be restoring soon!!), and I detailed how you can be more private and secure as a nudist online. Some of you won’t care, which is fine, but some of you are executives and business professionals that don’t want your private life choices exposed for the world to see. This is why I’m very selective about what apps I use, download, and store data on.

According to BitDefender’s blog, Hot for Security, a CNN news analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, unintentionally exposed himself in front of his coworkers during a zoom call. Cyber-criminals have taken this news along with the numerous exploitable vulnerabilities found in Zoom this year, and they have put together scam to scare naked Zoom users into paying a ransom to prevent themselves from having footage released online.

I know Zoom has been a necessary staple for many people, including nudist, and it has helped many people stay connected to friends and family during the 2020 biblical apocalypse. Honestly, I’m surprised we haven’t had an exponential increase in locust populations and rivers flowing red with blood. Anyway…when I came across this article where scammers and hackers are exploiting people for being naked online via Zoom, it pretty much validated my reasons for not using Zoom for personal or professional purposes. Some of you are like: “Great, she’s on her cyber-soapbox again.” I won’t deny that it’s bothersome to me, and I may preach more than I should, but you can’t say it’s without merit. 😊

Zoom has been littered with known bugs for skilled hackers to spy on your meetings, and if you are having a private meeting with other naturist, then you generally want that privacy. At least I assume you do since most of you don’t broadcast your naturist status, and a number of you were really interested in my privacy series. Zoom has made a lot of changes to make their product more secure, but I’m not holding my breath on it being “bulletproof”. Instead I would encourage you to move to something like Signal or Wire for your personal video calls. At least it will be end-to-end encrypted and the apps have been audited and tested for security (Zoom has recently announced they are switching to end-to-end encryption).

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Source: Sensual Nudist

Posted on NatCorn 4th December 2020

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