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Nude Cruise: A First-Timer’s Top 10 Lessons


A non-nudist feared the worst heading aboard a Bare Necessities cruise. Instead, she found new friends and freedoms. Apart from the obvious reason that nudists aren’t like most people, there’s also a more wholesome tell. They have a seemingly care-free mentality, judging and complaining less in everyday life.

Less Is More
Shelly Strazis Less Is More

Even on nudist cruises with thousands of naked people, your acclimation to the nudist culture and environment will be quick. Everyone’s welcoming, inviting, and there are also implied and official rules that the community (and staff) enforces. If you choose to cruise nude, be ready to make new friends. Don’t worry: Not everyone’s a swinger.

While nude cruises are not for everyone, these top takeaways will most definitely raise eyebrows.

The first thing to know: You won’t feel fat

You’d think showing it all, or even just some of it, would expose what your inner critic calls your “problem areas” and that a nude cruise might make you feel unattractive. Give yourself about two hours aboard, and you’ll find the opposite. Clothes are evil. You wouldn’t have a muffin top if it weren’t for jeans. Lose the bar, and say goodbye to back bulges. Why do you think artists prefer painting their subjects au naturel?

Nudists love costume parties

When I received the Bare Necessities’ Big Nude Cruise itinerary, I was surprised to find Oscar night and Mardi Gras-themed parties, among others. How does one wear and not wear a costume? (For the Oscar party, a friend suggested I attend as Rose from Titanic, and I did, with a replica necklace from Turns out, you must dress for dinner, and, for themed parties, you wear as much (or as little) clothing as you’d like.

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Source: Islands

Original publication 17 September, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 22nd April 2021

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