Living naturally without clothes

Nude by Nature: Living naturally without clothes

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My family and my very close friends well know my decades-long relationship to clothes—I am not a comfortable carrier of textiles. The moment my feet enter my door, the clothes disappear. I am comfortable in my skin, wrinkles, imperfections and all.

I teach adult students in Southeast Asia. During one lesson I told my students I wouldn’t be around for a few days as I was going to a naturist resort and then to an island to spend the day on the beach with a naturist group. “What is a naturist?” I explained it is someone who prefers living without wearing clothes.

Living naturally without clothes

The students were fascinated.

“What do you do?”

“Exactly what other people do, except we do not wear clothes.”

“But what if you get … emotions?”

“We don’t ‘get emotions’.”

“How can you not get emotions? Why don’t you like wearing clothes? Don’t you like clothes? What do you look at? Where do you look? What about when others look at you? Aren’t you embarrassed?”

So many questions made me realize the many misconceptions about naturism / nudism. And there are many. It’s extremely difficult for an unbeliever to accept that those without clothes go around doing exactly the same things as those with them and that sex or orgies are not in some way involved.

What is this urge that we as naturists have to walk around sans clothes? Besides the irritation of being constricted, for me it is the knowledge that the skin is the largest living and breathing organ we have, it’s a sacrilege to prevent it from communicating with all that’s out there by covering it in layers that separate us in so many ways from our fellow man and nature.

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Source: The MindfulWord

Original publication 25 March, 2015, updated 27 March, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 7th June 2020

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