The naturists agree that the traditional use of each beach is respected, but also that the option of those users who do not wear a swimsuit is taken into account.

Nude beaches with more and more swimsuits

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Tarragona naturists ask that the coastal tradition areas be respected for bathing without clothes

The freedom of some ends when that of others begins. This phrase, often so repeated that it loses meaning, comes alive in the declarations of the naturist associations of the regions of Tarragona . They ask, as claimed by other entities in Catalonia, to respect the beaches of naturist tradition . They ensure that more and more users who enjoy the coast in a swimsuit are inclined to nude beaches and consider that they cut their freedom. They add that in the regions of Tarragona it is a growing trend and can be observed in coastal areas such as Cala Fonda or Platja Waikiki -in Tarragona city- or in the Platja del Torn , located in the Hospitalet de l’Infant.

Naturists ask that nudism be respected on the beaches of nudist tradition
Naturists ask that nudism be respected on the beaches of nudist tradition

“We claim naturism in those beaches where tradition has existed for decades,” defends Mondejar. He admits that the group is aware that their option is a minority on the coast, but that they do not want to lose those areas where, for years, they have enjoyed their option of life and leisure.

“All the beaches of the coast are public and there is freedom to bathe if clothing, if desired, but we have long since opted to enjoy nudism in certain points, which are less and less respected ,” says the president of the ‘ Associació d’Amics de la Platja Naturista del Torn , Manel Mondejar. He knows what he is talking about, since he explains that he has enjoyed this point on the coast since 1977. It is currently the visible face of the entity that groups beach users, which brings together more than 260 families.

Precisely, the Platja del Torn – with its 1,600 meters of coastline, easy access and innate tranquility – is one of the most popular points of the coast of naturist tradition in the Tarragona region. In the act of protest on the first Sunday of July, he gathered 173 people with their hands together and a total count of 1,256 naturists, representing almost 63% of naturists on the coast of Tarragona.

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Source: Lavanguardia

Original publication 07/31/2019

Posted on NatCorn 10th August 2019

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  1. Unfortunately, like your beach. Our local beach, at Carabassi, (Southern Costa Blanc’s) is not respected by persons choosing to bathe and wear brightly coloured shorts or bikinis, amongst naturists.

    Whilst i do not object over the integration. If a naturist was to wonder further along the beach to the swim-suited area, then comments find their way on to social media.

    Most unfair.

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