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Nothing to hide! How I became a convert to naturism


When I was a kid, I remember someone pointing and laughing at a girl at our school – someone I always thought was really cool and fun – because ‘her mum and dad walk around naked’. 

That was my first introduction to naturism. And I remember thinking that it was a weird thing to criticise someone for. 

I subsequently learned that there are special places where people go specifically to get naked together, because to stroll through The Maltings sans clothes would be against the law. And what’s more there is nothing sexual about it.

So when the opportunity arose to visit British Naturism’s Sunfolk facility in How Wood I thought I’d take the plunge.

Outdoor activities
Laura Bill There are plenty of outdoor activities at Sunfolk. / Laura Bill

You don’t have to be a member of The British Naturist Society to visit Sunfolk, you can pay a one-off £15 fee bookable online.

This is considerably cheaper than Center Parcs, right? And it’s kind of similar but without the geese or deer.

After much pre-stripping nervousness, I drive down to the site and pull up in front of a massive metal gate to wait for someone let me in.

Pulling up in the car park, I see some caravans under a couple of trees and a naked woman pottering about outside them. 

I suddenly feel awkwardly over-dressed and at the same time a bit nervous: Why am I doing this?! What is my mum going to think of the pictures in the paper?! I’m sure this was never in the lifeplan she never actually created for me. 

It’s nicer than I expected. Really nice in fact. Lovely lush green lawns, wooded campsites and the club house that time forgot (it literally hasn’t been changed since the ’50s).

Someone is sitting in a conservatory at a table working on a laptop, a Diet Coke close at hand.

He’s Sunfolk front man Mark Walsh, who told me why people should experience naturism: “There is nothing wrong with nudity and being naked doesn’t have to be sexual. It is great for the mind – the mental health and body positive aspect is priceless. It’s a wonderful community of like-minded respectful people from all walks of life.”

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Source: Herts Advertiser

Original publication 18 June, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 22nd June 2021

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