No clothes? No problem for visitors at ‘naturist’ camp in Croatia

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As an early pioneer of nudism, Croatia’s idyllic Adriatic coast has a long and storied history of people stripping down to swim and commune with their surroundings in the naturist tradition. But as the once wildly popular trend struggles to attract new followers, devotees are grappling with how to harness Croatia’s booming tourism industry to revive the glory days.

“For me, naturism is freedom,” says Dusan Salomon, a Slovenian who has been visiting Croatia’s largest naturist camp with his wife for nearly 50 years.

A tourist enters the water at the Kanegra naturist campsite, near Umag, in northern Croatia
AFP A tourist enters the water at the Kanegra naturist campsite, near Umag, in northern Croatia

The 65-year-old man, who lives in Germany, also jokes that it is a frugal style of vacationing since they save money on swimsuits.

“Everyone feels more free (here), one is what one is,” adds his wife Katarina, sitting in the shade next to their trailer.

The couple consider themselves lucky to have a daughter and 20-year-old grandson who also join them for summers at Koversada, the sprawling naturist complex based around an islet off Croatia’s northwestern Istria peninsula.

By and large, the camp clientele is aged over 40.

“For younger generations, naturism is simply not sufficiently attractive, as it was to their parents,” says Nenad Skuflic, camping manager of Adris Group, which runs Koversada.

At the camp, whose pine forested grounds spread out over some 100ha, guests are generally naked as they stroll around, play sports or ride bicycles outdoors.

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Original publication AUGUST 20, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 3rd September 2019

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